The History

The earliest known traverse of all fourteen peaks dates back to 1919 when Eustace Thomas led a Rucksack Club group. Thomas Firbank did much to capture the imagination of the wider public with his book I bought a mountain published in 1940.

Your 14 Peaks Stories

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14 Peaks Certificate

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The Concept

The summits of the three thousand foot mountains of Wales can be visited in a single magnificent journey by fit and experienced mountain walkers. It's not a mountain journey to be under-estimated.

The Database

Snowdonia-Active hosts this public database of known traverses of the fourteen three thousand feet peaks. You are welcome to search the database or to certify the details of a traverse known to you.

The Record

In 1988 Kylie was a 19 year old in Neighbours and Colin Donnelly ran the 14 peaks in 4hrs 19minutes. Kylie is still going strong and so is Colin's amazing record time. Angela Carson has held the women's record of 5hrs 28 since 1989.