Crib y Ddysgl 3495ft (1065m)

Snowdon’s second highest summit, Garnedd Ugain, is more commonly known a Crib y Ddysgl, though technically this refers to the narrow ridge (pictured with Yr Wyddfa behind) running down towards Crib Goch.

This ridge is every bit as interesting as Crib Goch if you stick to the crest, and it is longer his informative and entertaining book Place Names in the 3000ft Mountains of Wales, Terry Butt suggests that the name Hill of Twenty  could be Hill of the Twentieth referring to the Twentieth Legion of the Roman Army. This may or may not be true, but it’s an intruiging idea.

On the northern side of Garnedd Ugain lies Cwm Glas, still a place with a wild feel to it, frequented mainly by  botanists hunting for rare arctic alpines or rock climbers in search of adventurous and demanding routes on Cyrn Las or the cliffs of Crib y Ddysgl.